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A Tiny Book on Personal Finance: Saving and Investing: Budget, Save, Invest, Retire

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David S. Shekmer

Financial success can be simple. All it takes is a plan and dedication to that plan. Saving and investing is critical for a financially successful life. This book suggests ways to save and where to invest with a goal of having a good life and a comfortable retirement.A Tiny Book on Personal Finance: Saving and Investing provides a guide on how to save and invest, where to put your money to build towards a good retirement.For those early in their careers, the guidance gives them a chance to set investments properly the first time.For those in their mid-careers, the guidance will give them a chance to evaluate if they are on track to the retirement they want and to determine if they want to make changes to their financial plan.And, for those later in their careers, the advice can help provide a way to prepare for retirement, adjusting so as to catch up, if necessary.