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Accounting and Corporate Finance for Lawyers (Aspen Coursebook)

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Stacey L. Bowers

Accounting and Corporate Finance for Lawyers introduces law students to the fundamental concepts of accounting and corporate finance. Students learn how to read and understand financial statements and footnotes, assess a companys financial position, and evaluate financial provisions and covenants in contracts. This book begins preparing students for success in the practice of law by providing the critical foundation of understanding accounting concepts and principles and the language of business people.

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • A reader-friendly organization and style
  • Discussion and examples of how the principles are applied in practice
  • Examples and exhibits that supplement the substance
  • Exercises and problems designed to build a students knowledge base

Teaching materials include:

  • A text-based discussion of possible talking points for each of the textbook chapters. The Teachers Manual chapter text includes cross-references to the corresponding page numbers of the text chapter and the corresponding slide number for the power point presentation that accompanies each chapter.
  • A PowerPoint presentation for each textbook chapter, which includes both bullet points to guide the discussion, as well as embedded examples drawn primarily from the corresponding textbook chapter. The PPT slide headings correspond to the chapter headings and chapter structure to facilitate ease of use.
  • A prepared solution for each of the problems set forth in the textbook with explanations where warranted.
  • A sample syllabus of the content that might be covered in a 3 credit Accounting for Lawyers course.
  • Sample exam questions with a corresponding grading rubric that sets forth the potential information a student should address in their answer. The sample exam questions may be used to create a midterm and final exam or just a final exam.
  • A sample small group presentation project with corresponding grading rubric that sets forth the content areas the group will be graded on as a part of the presentation project.