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Blackhatonomics: An Inside Look at the Economics of Cybercrime

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Will Gragido;Daniel Molina;John Pirc;Nick Selby

Blackhatonomics explains the basic economic truths of the underworld of hacking, and why people around the world devote tremendous resources to developing and implementing malware. The book provides an economic view of the evolving business of cybercrime, showing the methods and motivations behind organized cybercrime attacks, and the changing tendencies towards cyber-warfare. Written by an exceptional author team of Will Gragido, Daniel J Molina, John Pirc and Nick Selby, Blackhatonomics takes practical academic principles and backs them up with use cases and extensive interviews, placing you right into the mindset of the cyber criminal.

  • Historical perspectives of the development of malware as it evolved into a viable economic endeavour
  • Country specific cyber-crime analysis of the United States, China, and Russia, as well as an analysis of the impact of Globalization on cyber-crime
  • Presents the behind the scenes methods used to successfully execute financially motivated attacks in a globalized cybercrime economy
  • Provides unique insights, analysis, and useful tools for justifying corporate information security budgets
  • Provides multiple points of view, from pure research, to corporate, to academic, to law enforcement
  • Includes real world cybercrime case studies and profiles of high-profile cybercriminals