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How to become a professional investor and day trader: A basic starting guide for brand new investors and traders

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J.R. Zordi

The first thing you need to get your head around is that investing and trading is not a get rich quick money scheme. This book is made to help solve the problem of not losing money in the markets from lack of knowledge so the content value is high. For the price you paid for this book, which is about the cost of trading one contract of crude oil or gold including all the fees, the quality of the information is priceless in that it can save you money in losses in your investing and trading and time in learning if you just pay attention to what it says in here. You have to crawl before you can stand up. Be able to balance before you can walk, and walk before you can run. Same can be said for investing and trading in the live markets. You have to do the time if you want to learn how to drive the money train!! New retail investors and traders coming into the business have a large amount of work to do to be able to be consistently profitable day in day out. That said, most of the time they just want someone to tell them when to push the button so they can make money. It doesn't work like that. Being a self-directed investor and trader, is an honor and can be done by anyone anywhere on the globe. As I said already it is not a get rich quick thing and if you go in the live market with people like me who have the kill everybody in there in their attitude YOU WILL LOSE ALL of your money and very quickly. By not doing it the right way from the start you will only diminish your opportunity to do well as a market participant. You would serve yourself well and have a greater positive outcome more often if you just do it right from the start. Again I will say that this eBook is basic and is for new traders who have 0 experience trading and want to learn to trade the right way from the start. What do you need to learn first? How to read price charts, supply and demand in conjunction with price action is the only thing that moves price so that is what you should concentrate on right from the start. What you see on the charts before your very eyes is the only thing you need to see. You can use candles, bars, lines, it doesn't matter. If you are already trading and have studied other ways of trading, this method is going to be very very hard for you. I would encourage you to if you are consistently profitable daily and making real money daily doing what you are already doing then just keep on doing it no need to reinvent the wheel. Just my opinion. If you try it any other way you are going to lose some money. The decision to trade is yours. NO ONE is making you do this so why would you NOT want to be the best you can be at it. An expert. A professional. You need to treat trading as a business YOUR new business. YOU own it, you are responsible for it, and you reap the rewards of it. It doesnt get any better than that! Smart money doesn't use tick charts and range charts and all that TA nonsense. They look at daily and long term charts because they are in the business of making money. They are only interested in PA and where the orders reside at a certain price level they are interested in buying or selling at. It's time and price. Ask any bank trader or ex pit trader and that's what they would say. All the rest is BS. You want to really make money? Real money? Then do what the smart money does when and where they are doing it. See what they see do and do what they do. You are a self-directed investor and trader so YOU decided when you enter the market. No one else.